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Headlamp bright, light, 3 modes

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Quick Overview

This headlamp is a looker with a band that looks as sturdy as it is. It is black and black, with a padded interior that makes it comfortable for extended wear. You can wear it on your head, waist, or even place it on the table.

It weighs 4.8 ounces, which makes it ideal for running, biking, and other activities that do not need an extra load. This headlamp uses rechargeable batteries, 3.7V 18650, which will run according to your utilization.

There is nothing on the lighting to warn you that the battery is low, and so you may want to ensure that you charge it whenever the light dims. The batteries need up to 6 hours to charge, during which time it would be safe to leave the headlamp undisturbed.

The package comes with two batteries, so all you will need to do is charge it and be set.

It has an IPX 4 rating that prevents it from crashing when splashed from all angles. This headlamp will survive torrential rains when you get unlucky with nature.

The GRDE Zoomable has three light modes. These three modes include, high output, low output, and strobe. They are ideal for reading, riding, and even cooking in the campsite. You can adjust the light to suit your needs at the

One is the red LED that blinks to keep you visible from a distance. The second is the white LED that keeps it brighter than all other flashlights in its price category. 1,800 lumens is the distance that you cover with this headlamp. Only a handful on the market can measure up to this distance.

This headlamp not only does well out there on the campsite and trails, but it also works well indoors. You can adjust the light to read, cook work under the sink or on your car, and pretty much any space that needs lighting.

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